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Prima Classic Diamond Burs
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Predator Carbide Burs

Predator Diamond Burs
Prima Classic Carbide Burs
Prima Classic Diamond Burs
We’re a global leader in the production of precision dental products – designing and engineering the world’s finest burs so you can cut quicker, shape more accurately and ensure increased patient comfort.

It’s what comes from investing in a state of the art facility. A place where our engineers can use the same Swiss-manufactured equipment as the finest watchmakers in the world to product consistency. Time after time.

Every product we make is informed by you. We’re continuously searching for a better way to produce the world’s finest burs based on the feedback we receive. As a result of your input we have been able to reduce chatter, increase cutting speed, introduce new products and improve the price across our range from surgical to finishing.


Prima Classic Orthodontic Burs

Prima Series Gold Finishing Burs

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Prima Classic Surgical Burs
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